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Addiction affects millions of people in America, and the treatment part can be costly especially without health insurance coverage that covers mental health and necessary procedures. With the Affordable Care Act, more Americans have health insurance. The amount of coverage is based on the insurance policy that each client is covered by. With so many insurance policies available in today, the only way to know if yours includes substance abuse treatment is to reach out to your provider.

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The following are the major health insurance carriers that provide substance abuse treatment under their policies:


There exist several types of rehab centers and depending on the health plan, Cigna may or may not cover the treatment hence it is important to discuss the topic with the provider to get the most accurate information. Your Cigna insurance policy may not allow you to go to a private rehab center that is less crowded and offer better care.

Health Net

Health Net is an insurance provider for lower-income individuals and families that are available in all the states of America. The company specializes in healthcare insurance offered through several lower-cost programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, other group and individual plans.


UnitedHealth Group offers rehab services through its Optum Health business. It covers part of the cost of the rehab program depending on the length of the program. UnitedHealth provides patients the primary time and chance at long-term sobriety. UnitedHealth wants its clients to have the best chance at recovery hence depending on the situation; it offers both outpatient and inpatient covers.


Aetna covers detoxification services but might not cover ultra-rapid detox, which is an experimental procedure. Also, it offers its members 24/7 support and might help you find a professional doctor or rehab centers quickly. The company is very discreet and confidential in handling its client’s needs. The company’s plan calls for a combination of private therapy and 12-step programs to treat prescription drug addiction, regardless of the length of stay at the treatment centers.


Humana is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States offering both group and individual coverage through its HumanaOne Program. Depending on the type of coverage the patients might qualify for detox. Through its HumanaOne program, the patients are not restricted to specific doctors, hospitals and treatment centers. Moreover, it requires individuals to pay a specific amount of expenses towards their healthcare. If you have group insurance through your employer, the company should cover your treatment services including rehab.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield has several different policies across the United States. Its Federal Employment Program covers inpatient professional visits including detox. The insurance carrier covers rehab depending on your policy. Moreover, Blue Cross Blue Shield looks at mental health and substance abuse in the same way. The Federal Employee Program offers an unlimited stay at an approved inpatient treatment center.